Monday, May 5, 2014

The Five Stages of Baby's Sleep Habits (Mom's View!)

So obviously, since my baby is only 4 months old, I'm not very far into this baby sleeping thing....but this is what I've been through so far, and my views on it. 

Stage 1:
Oh My God. Will my baby EVER sleep longer than 1 1/2 hours at a time?  I'm never going to sleep again.  Ever. I'm tired. Please just sleep a little bit longer buddy.  I swaddled you nice and fed you and your diaper is good. Please?

Stage 2:
Hmm...My baby has been sleeping for 2 1/2 hours.  Is he okay?  Why is he sleeping so long?  Oh good he is breathing.  I should just go to sleep.  
No.  No point in going to sleep because he's going to be up any minute now.  I'll just wait.  

Hmm...I'm exhausted.  It's been 4 hours and he's still sleeping.  I should really have gone to be earlier.  Wait, is he breathing?  Oh good. He is. I guess I'll go to bed now.

And as you slowly drift into dream land, wwwwaaahhhhhhhhh.  He's up.

Stage 3: 
Wow. My baby slept for 5 hours last night and the night before.  He is amazing.  I'm going to buy him a pony.  And a race car.  I feel amazing & refreshed. This is great.

Hahahha....that was just a joke. Don't get excited mom.  I'm going to go back to sleeping for 2 hours max for a few nights, just to mess with your head and remind you that I actually am the boss.

Stage 4:
Oh look, my baby really sleeps all night long.  This is not a fluke.  It's happened for a few weeks now.  He's goes to bed early, I have time to cook dinner, eat it while it's hot, and even relax for a bit in the evening.  This is great.  I can get so much sleep now!  I'm going to stay up for a little bit, but then I'll go to bed.

Hmm... I should read a book.  I should organize my dressers. I should do all the things I've been putting off.

It's midnight, but my kindle told me my book only has 40 minutes left and it's getting good now.  I will just stay up and read it, even though I hate myself every morning at 5 when he wakes because I've only slept for 3 or 4 hours.  But the freedom I have now.  Yay.  Freedom to do things I enjoy until whatever time I want.  This is great. 

 I'm tired. Really tired.  Every single day.  Why don't I just go to sleep at a reasonable hour? Why? 

Stage 5:
What the hell.  I miss my little baby.  He goes to bed so early and I sit here all night and miss him.  I wish I could get him to stay up later but he's very against it.  I think I miss him being awake at night with me.  It's lonely without his cute little smile.  What the hell?  Why does he sleep so much?

So yea...this is where I'm at. It's only been four months.  I hear that there's a 4-month sleep regression that should be affecting us soon.  I guess I'll wait and see because although he wakes up a few times, he puts himself right back to sleep so it hasn't affected us...yet!

Anyone else?? Am I the only one missing him now?