Monday, July 16, 2012

Is there a class for using a fridge correctly??

I understand that in the whole scheme of life, this isn't the biggest issue in the world.  I know that people have "real problems" because I do too.  But damn, nothing frustrates me quite like the damn fridge!

I'm about to start labeling the damn shelves. I just took everything out and organized it for the gazillionth time.  Basically, anytime we buy food, or have leftovers, or anytime Justin touches the damn thing it needs to be organized. AGAIN.  I've highly considered taking a picture of what it looks like organized, where things go and how they fit, just for reference to stick to the door.  Is that going too far?  Who knows.  I may let you know what happens because I really might do it.  

Here's what really gets me angry....LEFTOVERS.  If I consider throwing away 2 bites of mashed potatoes, or something that's been in there for 5 days, it may be the end of the world.  No matter what it is, or what the situation, Justin will say that he was planning to eat it.  He's always planning to eat it.  Tomorrow. Like the spaghetti and meatballs I made Friday, in the heat, after hearing whining for them for 3 days.  Guess where they are?  Taking up precious fridge space.  The large bucket of KFC (he eats it...don't ask why, who the hell knows) that has been moved 30 times in 2 days was nice too.  The ONE piece of chicken in that large bucket was awesome.  Almost awesome enough that it got thrown in the trash instead of wrapped in a piece of saran wrap, thus saving TONS of space.  But I can't throw it away because he's going to eat it "tomorrow." Yep.  
Another great one is the T-Bone steaks that have been in the freezer for 8 months.  Let's be serious, they have freezer burn by this point and I wouldn't eat them for money.  BUT, Justin took them out to defrost....about 10 days ago.  And soon I will throw them away, and get far more precious space.  But I can't yet, because he is going to eat them tomorrow.  And they are still good.  In his crazy head. 

As I sit here, with my fridge organized to the point that things are where they go and the chance you will get hit with something when you open the door is almost 100% gone, I know he will come home soon.   I know that he will take out his lunch (that HE NEEDED SO BAD), and put it all back in the fridge, in the very first spot he sees.  And my organization will have been a waste of time. 

And now that I got this all out, I may not kill him for doing this.  Plus, he has tons of food left to eat I can't hurt him.  YET.

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