Sunday, March 18, 2012

Here fishy, fishy

Justin loves fishing.  He like really loves fishing.  He got me a little fishing outfit that I was supposed to wear when we went ice fishing with boots and everything.  But as you know, the winter wasn't cold enough and our lake didn't freeze.  Score for me, because honestly, I wasn't looking forward to sitting outside in the freezing cold waiting for a fish.  I prefer going to Hannaford if I want fish!

But being that he loves it so much, I figured the least I could do was try it out.  And try I did!  I learned so quickly! I was so proud of myself I even made a video of me casting.  Yea, I used a fishing term right there.  Casting.  heheh..I'm a fisher-woman.  

You can view my incredibly cheesy tutorial here. You too can become a fisher-woman!  I'm a famous movie star too now.  

But I was very discouraged after my first fishing expedition because I didn't catch a fish.  I swore there were no fish in my damn lake.  And it was boring.  Especially when there aren't fish even biting. I mean, it's nice & peaceful and what not....but well, what the hell is the point?

But again, I'm a good girlfriend, and I was determined to get a damn fish, so I tried again yesterday.    And so it, casual... fisher-woman Loriann:

Justin tried to find me worms, and only found one (fail).  But I tossed that bad boy in the water....and something BIT!  I was so excited I started yelling and screaming, not sure what to do!  Justin was off searching for worms so I was lost!  Fending for myself trying to get the fish...alone...
Now I understand you are probably sitting there, reading this, saying "dumbass, reel it in."  Well, let me tell you, it's stressful your first time!!  I was out of my element and overwhelmed!  But I did reel it in.  And then it got all easy on me, and out comes my hook....WITH NO WORM!  The little fucker ATE my worm, and still got away.  I'm a total fishing failure.  I have no more worms.

So I decided to use a fake worm because I felt that it was working for me.  This become a mission because the little fucker took my worm.  He laughed in my face!  I was NOT going to allow that.  And I cast it, over and over again. B O R I N G

Suddenly I feel it....the pole gets tight and sort of pulls away.  This time, Justin is right there, and I'm yelling "What do I do!!!???"  He's obviously telling me to just reel it in quickly, and he's honestly kind of blowing me off..."It's just a leaf or branch honey,"  he keeps saying.  (His lack of faith in me was upsetting!)

But it was wasn't...oh was a real fish!  And not a bad sized fish for my first one!  I screamed the entire time I reeled it in.  I kept backing up.....I'm not sure why, but by time I got him out of the water I was about 15 feet away from the water.  Honestly, I think I was scared of it touching me!  I sure as hell wasn't touching the thing!  (Note: it hadn't crossed my mind that I would have to get the damn thing off the hook if I did catch one! I'm still not comfortable doing that...and I will not do it!)

So here's my posing with my pickeral (I have no idea how to spell this) :-)
And here's my very first fish up close!

So the point....yea little fishy, you may have taken my worm.  But I WON!  I got you!!!  And I was nice enough to send you back to your land.  But first I violated you...I touched you (ok, he did), I looked at your big teeth, I screamed like a little girl....and I won dammit.  Don't you dare take my worm ever again!

Soon I will take the boat out on the lake and fish more!  I'm going to be awesome at this fishing thing!
Who would have  I'm still shocked!
Wanna come fish with me??  We can use my lake if you will take the fish off the hook for me!

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  1. You'll get used to it girl and you will eventually learn to take it off the hook, we all had a first time fishing... atleast I did. I love it having grown up in Maine it was alot of fun to walk around brook fishing. Ah the adventures.... pssttt... don't tell... I still kinda hate taking the fish off the hook too.. tee hee hee